Side Projects

These are the various game algorithm implementations and experimental projects I've done.

Platformer Test

An experimental platformer prototype.
Artwork from:

Interactive Fluid Surface

Realtime, realistic interactive fluid surface simulation. Vertices of a mesh are updated according to a simplified approximated version of the 2nd derivative of the displacement function. Factors like viscous damping and wave velocity of the fluid are taken into account.
When clicked on the fluid surface, the nearest vertex to the point of click is applied a force which then propagates through the entire fluid.
Reference: Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics - Eric Lengyel

A-star Pathfinding (C#, Unity)

Pathfinding based on the a-star algorithm. There is a plane on top of which there are a bunch of obstacles. When you click anywhere on the plane, the character will move to that position if it's reachable. Otherwise, the character will move to the closest position possible.


Game Of Life

Implementation of Conway's game of life. Creates a grid of cells that update according to the rules of the Game of Life. The opposite edges of the grid are linked together. You can source files on Github

Cracker Barrel

Implementation of the board game Cracker Barrel / Peg Solitaire

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