Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Improve the sound quality of your PC by 20%.

Sound quality greatly depends on the headphones/earphones/speakers one is using. But still, you can improve the sound output from your listening device quite a bit by following this simple trick. For this to work, the sound card of your computer must be from RealTek and you should have Windows installed.

First go to control panel and make sure the View by drop down menu is set to Small icons or Large icons.
Now click on Sound.
Click on the default device( It will have a green tick mark underneath it as in the image) under playback tab. (Make sure the default device is a RealTek one. The description below the device will tell you whether or not it is from realtek. If not select the realtek device and click Set default .)

Click Properties.
Click on the Enhancements tab.
Here you will see a list of sound enhancement options. Check mark Equalizer and uncheck all the others.
At the bottom you will see a drop down list named Setting. Select Powerful from this list and click OK.

Now you will have to re-adjust other equalizers or sound enhancement plugins if you are using any. Otherwise you may get garbled or distorted output.
You will notice that sound output is much more powerful now, especially the bass. You can improve the bass even further by using windows media player.

To do this, open up windows media player, start playing a song and then click View->Now playing
Right click somewhere in the middle of the screen and click on Enhancements->Graphic equalizer.
Adjust the equalizer as seen in the image. If the sound is distorted , make the slider chain more flat.

After that, keep clicking the right arrow button at the left top of this enhancement window till SRS wow effects is shown. Click on Turn on and adjust the TruBass slider to your liking and notice the bass getting more and more powerful.

Now you can enjoy quality sound even on low end headphones or speakers.

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